Counselling is a supporting service that offers your someone to talk to and someone who listens wo that you are really saying without making any judgements.

Counselling is totally confidential

Bottling things up can be very draining at times and there may be somethings that you cannot talk to your friends and/or family about.  However, you may be able to talk about theses with someone who is independent of your circumstances. The Counsellor will accept you, be non judgemental and respect your feelings.

Counselling aims to help you explore and clarify problems and issues that matter to you.  It may help you develop resources and skills to cope with difficulties.  It may help you get through a distressing situation.  The Counsellor will not tell you what to do but can help you make your own decisions.

If you think Counselling would be a benefit to yu call OSCAR Sandwell on 0121 525 0556 to arrange an appointment or drop in to our officers.

Charges may apply