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A new law (Section 100 of the Children and Families Act 2014) places a duty on schools and academies to make arrangements for supporting pupils with medical conditions. Research has shown that schools struggle to support young people with sickle cell, but the Sickle Cell Society can offer help and advice. Working with university researchers our advisors have overseen the development of a Guide to School Policy for Sickle Cell.

“Teachers are faced with many different possible medical conditions and it is not reasonable to expect them to remember details of all of them. At the same time young people with sickle cell dislike initiatives that draw attention to them as different from their peers,” said Professor Simon Dyson of De Montfort University, who led the team of researchers. “What was needed was a policy that supported the student with sickle cell but which operated in the background without overloading teachers with information”.

The Guide to School Policy for young people with sickle cell is based on examples of good practice and contains a template for drawing up an individual health care plan. It is free to download, print or place on the school’s web-site.




The Did you Know Age 11-16 is a booklet for young people aged 11-16 explaining sickle cell. It is suitable for young people living with the disorder, their siblings, and raising awareness to young people. It explains what sickle cell is, possible complications and treatments, as well as tips for self care, in a way that is tailored to young people of this age.

To order print copies of this 12 page booklet, please email info@sicklecellsociety.org. Please note you will be required to pay for post and packaging.