Support & Guidance

In providing a range of services to members at Oscar Sandwell our Guidance Service ensures your confidentiality is of prime importance to us at all times. We will keep a record of your name and other basic information for statistical purposes. However, any notes written down about you during or after Guidance sessions regarding the Guidance itself are identified by a number. These are only seen by your helper who will keep them until the end of your Guidance when they are securely stored in a locked filing cabinet for 6 years, after which time, they are shredded. No personal information is kept on computer.

We offer counseling to members to offer you time, attention and support to explore and make sense of issues concerning you and your sickle cell or Thalassaemia condition.
Referral for more extensive counseling is available on request.



  • The Guidance Service and one room are accessible to wheelchair users. Other rooms in Centre are available so that member’s with limited mobility are not put at a disadvantage should they wish to join a group or access other services.
  • Enquiries to the Guidance Service may be emailed to by telephone 0121-525 0556, in writing or in person. Aids available for member’s with disabilities.
  • A range of auxiliary aids are available when an appropriate period of notice is given.
  • We have run a successful self help group for member’s who are affected by Sickle Cell or Thalassaemia Blood Disorder’s.



  • Information will be made available in alternative formats, such as Braille, large print, audio tape when required.



All members will be encouraged to give feedback on all levels of service provided. The feedback will enable management to develop and improve the services on offer to members.